The position of the patient is crucial for the quality of the scan when it comes to medical imaging systems (X-ray, MRT, CT). An incorrectly positioned target will lead to an out of focus scan image which will not provide the expected results. A second scan will be necessary which exposes the patient to yet another dose of radiation.

Laser lines as an optical support for the correct positioning of the patient will eliminate such errors.

Z-LASER develops in close cooperation with leading manufacturers of medical technology laser systems, modules, and building blocks for patient positioning in diagnostic imaging and tumor therapy.

35 years in the field turns Z-LASER into an internationally known manufacturer of line lasers and laser projectors for positioning and machine vision applications. One of the key areas of expertise is based on years of experience in special requirements and difficult applications where customized solutions are needed – for patient positioning, dermatology, radiotherapy, surgery, and many other applications.


Solutions for C-arms mark the exact Iso-center using two line laser modules. This minimizes false recordings and hence the dose of radiation to the patient. The laser cross is aligned with a lead cross on the image amplifier to assist the surgeon: The cross in the X-ray image and the laser cross show the same position.

Laser class 1 laser modules are used for accurate patient positioning in X-ray or MRI. An eye-safe laser is absolutely necessary due to the missing blink reflex of an unconscious patient. Z-LASER supplies various medical instrument manufacturers with systems tailored to the customers and applications requirements. While red laser lines are well know to the market, green laser lines provide a better visibility and are mainly chosen for recent projects.

Special Uses:

  • Eye-Safe Lasers (Class 1M)
  • High robustness against electromagnetic fields
  • Resistance to impacts, dust and moisture


  • Simple, quick positioning of the C-arm
  • Lower radiation exposure for the patient

Recommended Product: OEM

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