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  • ZM12

    ZM12 laser modules are equipped with a Ø 15mm laser head and an M12 thread, suitable for applications with limited installation volume, such as small sensors and measuring head... mehr erfahren

  • H8-M12

    Precision mount for laser modules with M12 thread

    The precision mount is suitable for all laser modules with an M12 thread. The aluminum block casing ensures optimal he... mehr erfahren

  • MXYZ-20B

    Precision mount for Ø20 mm laser modules


    Aluminum mount for lasers with a Ø 20mm diameter.

    Coaxially rotatable by 360 °, angle-twistable by 20 ... mehr erfahren

  • ZT

    Lasers for the Textile Industry

    This small laser module is ideal for the textile industry, and is therefore mainly used for positioning applications in the textile sect... mehr erfahren

  • ZRX

    Cross laser for positioning tasks

    This robust laser module for positioning tasks can be used in all industries where a highly visible crosshair with thin lines is neede... mehr erfahren

  • ZKV

    Adjustable circular ZKV laser

    The adjustable circular laser facilitates many applications with its variable opening angle. Here, angles from 15 ° – 70 ° can be ... mehr erfahren

  • ZLP1

    ZLP1 Laser Projector

    ZLP1 is a cost-effective entry to laser projection. It is the smallest laser projector in the Z-LASER ZLP family.

    ZLP1 is directed to 2D and... mehr erfahren

  • ZB

    Smallest focusable point laser

    The ZB laser is our smallest focusable point laser. It is often used as an OEM product wherever there is limited space.

    S... mehr erfahren

  • ZA

    Battery-operated laser with line, point or cross projection

    The ZA laser module is unique because of its patented battery supply. As a small size wireless laser module,... mehr erfahren

  • Z-PIL

    Small pilot laser for alignment and positioning

    This pilot laser is used in the fields of medicine and science as well as in vehicle construction.

    The small pilo... mehr erfahren

  • Belt Aligner

    Laser-based alignment tool for belt drives

    The alignment laser Belt Aligner has proven itself to be a highly precise, easy-to-use, and sturdy alignment system a thousan... mehr erfahren

  • ZR

    Positioning laser with asymmetrical line optics for maximum line length

    The ZR Positioning Laser is a durable product with a casing diameter of 40 mm. Its integrated po... mehr erfahren