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  • ZM12

    ZM12 laser modules are equipped with a Ø 15mm laser head and an M12 thread, suitable for applications with limited installation volume, such as small sensors and measuring head... mehr erfahren

    First-class industrial laser. M12 thread, ideal for systems and industry, output power max. 80 mW, wavelengths 635 nm, 660 nm, 785 nm, 850 nm (red, IR)
  • ZT

    Lasers for the Textile Industry

    This small laser module is ideal for the textile industry, and is therefore mainly used for positioning applications in the textile sect... mehr erfahren

    Interchangeable optics, adjustable light intensity, high visibility, 16 mm head diameter, laser class 1M-2M, 635 nm-650 nm, ideal for retrofitting
  • ZD

    Universal mini laser module with line, dot or cross projection

    The ZD laser module can optionally display a line, point, or cross projection. It is often used as a posi... mehr erfahren

    The ZD laser module is mainly used in the wood, textile, and metal industries. Its noteworthy properties include its compact size on the one hand, and on the other hand its durable casing. With the ZD laser module's point, line and cross projections, it is a universally applicable laser  for image processing as well.

  • ZF peF

    Small manual focus point laser

    This small point laser (with a diameter of just Ø 11 mm) is ideal for any positioning task. Due to its wavelength of 635 nm (red), it is... mehr erfahren

    The ZPT-F positioning laser offers output power up to 80 mW. Like the rest in its category, it also boasts an integrated power supply, which makes it easy to use. The laser is durably designed and therefore ideal for use in harsh environments, mainly due to its active temperature control. The asymmetrical line optics of this positioning aid allow for a maximum line length, making it useful for a wide variety of applications.

  • H3-20

    Plastic mount with ball head for 20 mm laser modules

    Plastic mount with ball head for laser modules with a 20 mm laser head. 180 ° turnable and tiltable.

    The H3... mehr erfahren

    Plastic mount with ball head for laser modules with a 20 mm laser head. 180 ° turnable and tiltable.