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  • ZM18

    The ZM18 family is a long-proven product line that is useful as a positioning aid in image processing applications.


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    The perfect allrounder

    The ZM18 product family is used in image processing systems for lighting or as a positioning laser for alignment tasks. In particular, functions like the easy-focus feature on the optical head, modulation, and the storage of operating parameters such as temperature or operating hours are all useful features of this laser. With a Ø 20mm laser head and an M18 thread, they are easy to attach and can be used in a variety of ways. These laser modules are used to project dots, Gaussian/homogeneous lines, multilines, dot matrices, and crosses in image processing. The ZM18 laser is available with blue, green, red, and infrared wavelength, offers simple focusing mechanics, and output power up to 200mW with full water and dust protection.

  • ZLP2

    The ZLP2 is the high-end model of the ZLP family and offers maximum performance in laser projection.


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    High-performance laser projector with Z-FIBER source

    ZLP2 is a cost-effective entry to laser projection. It is the smallest laser projector in the Z-LASER ZLP family. ZLP2 is directed to 2D and 3D applications like pick-and-place, logistics, and workstations. Enlarge and optimize your production or workflow by this easy to use laser projection system. ZLP2 is eye-safe (laser class 2M) and covers working fields from 1.0m x 1.0m up to 3.5m x 3.5m. Possible working distances range from 1.0m to 3.0m. We offer our own software ZLP-Suite, which has an intuitive software interface with many customizable options and as a result customers can adapt the settings according to their specific application. Furthermore, ZLP-Suite can be upgraded with additional software modules. Thanks to its numerous connectivity options the laser projector can be operated through various software interfaces such as C++, C#, Python or even with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • ZX10

    Due to automated production processes in which all optical components are aligned with a 14-axis robot, the ZXS laser series sets new standards for illumination in image process mehr erfahren

    Small size, great performance

    Due to automated production processes in which all optical components are aligned with a 14-axis robot, the ZXS laser series sets new standards for illumination in image processing applications. The ZX laser series offers maximum variability and enables far-reaching, customer-specific adjustments. Depending on the application and the material being tested, you can choose between red or infrared wavelengths. With a boresight error of less than 0.8 mrad, the ZX laser is one of the most accurate on the market. With its industrial grade design and high performance stability, the ZX is the ideal component for machine vision applications, sensors, and machine manufacturers. Laser module with just a 10 mm diameter, boresight error of less than 0.8 mrad, 1-100 mW, colors red, IR, stainless steel casing, OEM version also available.
  • ZR

    The ZR Positioning Laser is a durable product with a casing diameter of 40 mm.

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    Positioning laser with asymmetrical line optics for maximum line length

    The red ZR positioning laser has a housing diameter of 40 mm. Its integrated heavy duty power supply for 90-265VAC has a high immunity to interference. This line laser is an entry-level model for use in harsh environments and with the asymmetrical optics a long line with nearly same intensity is projected.