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  • ZQ1

    The High-power ZQ1 Laser Module

    The high-power ZQ1 laser module was developed the facilitate the most demanding measuring methods on the market. In contrast to the ZQ2 ... mehr erfahren

    High-power laser module ZQ1, 400 - 1,700 mW, colours blue, red, IR, high-speed image processing applications
  • ZQ2

    High-power laser module ZQ2

    The high-performance ZQ2 laser module was specially developed for surveying because strong, bright lines with an IR wavelength are required.... mehr erfahren

    High performance module The ZQ2 laser series was designed for surveying that requires strong, bright lines with IR wavelengths. Wherever high power output and industrial design are required, the ZQ2 series is the right choice. Thanks to the device-free focus option, the user can manually adjust the correct working distance according to the application in question. The laser, along with its intelligent monitoring capabilities, provides high performance stability, even in harsh environments. The integrated active Peltier cooling supports this function, keeping the laser diode at a constant temperature. Thanks to its communication interfaces (I²C & RS-232), the laser can be efficiently integrated into demanding image processing applications.