Lasers for the Tire, Rubber, and Plastics Industries

Laser light is applied to dark materials like black rubber for ideal visibility. This is why tire manufacturers use lasers for 3D quality inspection, reading text and codes on the tire wall, positioning tires for various processing steps, as well as during processing. Z-laser supplies lasers for the tire, rubber and plastic industries.

During the 3D inspection of tires, a laser module projects one or more straight lines onto the tire surface at an oblique angle to ascertain their profile, profile depth, characters, and/or codes. A device moves or rotates the tire automatically. Normally, laser lines are distorted by the three-dimensional shape of the tire profile, codes, letters or numbers. But at an oblique angle, an industrial camera can detect these distortions as the tire moves. By means of so-called triangulation algorithms, the 3D shape of the tire, the profile, and the characters found on the tire surface can now be digitally reconstructed. This laser triangulation works very quickly, accurately, and reliably.

Lasers are also great for supporting manual operations, such as the proper positioning of tires in a tire press.



Code-Reading and Character Recognition

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Tread Measurement

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Tire Building Machine

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Fünf Autoreifen rollen auf einer Straße

Tire Press

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Complete Overhaul of Tires

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