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The manual laying process of glass fiber matrices and prepregs in the production of wind rotors can be simplified and accelerated with the aid of laser projectors. A laser projector can display the contours of each fiber mat in the design so that the layers can be quickly, easily and precisely positioned and aligned. The projectors have interfaces for common 3D CAD formats.

Laser projectors increase productivity by up to 30%, improve quality (the homogeneous structure of the wing), reduce errors, and guide employees intuitively through the production process.

Special Uses:

Positioning of fiber mats, prepregs and carbon fiber decals: Our laser projectors have been specially optimized for complex positioning and alignment applications. They project the contours of each fiber mat or decal to be placed in the mold so that production staff can position and align the layers quickly and accurately.

The projector has interfaces for all current 3D CAD design programs, and can display contours even on curved surfaces. It combines the advantages of the contour display with those of computer control in order to simplify the production of complex composite components. As soon as the complete laser projection is displayed, the laminator  recognizes where it needs to place the fiber mat, prepreg, balsa, and bracing or vacuum suction. This not only improves operation efficiency, but also improves quality by reducing errors and thus manual rework.

Individual letters, text, or numbers can be projected in order to define specific projection patterns. Depending on your manufacturing process, either the entire contour of the composite workpiece can be displayed, or else the individual elements such as prepregs or decals.


  • Precise positioning of GRP mats, prepregs and decals
  • Higher productivity
  • Improved quality
  • Fewer errors and less manual rework
  • Intuitive guidance for staff throughout the production process

Recommended Product: LP-HFD2