Lasers are perfect source of light, however, scientists have reversed this concept and made them the perfect light absorber, what they call an anti-laser.

When lasers are provided with energy, they generate light of a specific color, now a team from the Vienna University of Technology has reversed the phenomenon by making it an object that absorbs light of a particular color and dissipates the energy almost completely.

The team developed the method, explained in the journal Nature, using computer simulations and based on random light scattering. “Waves that are being scattered in a complex way are really all around us – think about a mobile phone signal that is reflected several times before it reaches your cell phone,” said researcher Stefan Rotter.

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“This multiple scattering is made practical use of in so-called random lasers. Such exotic lasers are based on a disordered medium with a random internal structure that can trap light and emit a very complicated, system-specific laser field when supplied with energy,” he added.

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