For 35 years Z-LASER has been working on perfect laser lines and how to specify, measure and objectively compare them. Only in this way can individual results be verified and weighed.

In an initiative of the “Japan Industrial Imagine Association” (JIIA for short), the aim was to standardize various topics related to industrial image processing. One part of this initiative was concerned with developing standards for the illumination measurement method.

Among the many members and competitors in this working group, Z-LASER proved to be particularly experienced and committed to this topic. The decades of experience and the deep know-how also convinced the JIIA and so the “Laser Line Metrics Guidelines” were created together.  These guidelines are closely based on Z-LASER’s in-house measurement procedures and now specify that only measurement procedures according to this standard are objectively correct and comparable.

The “Laser Line Metrics Guidelines” can be accessed after requesting a download password from the JIIA under the following link: