Industrial laser projectors serve as optical guidance systems. In many manufacturing processes, they allow the operator to work without a template by viewing the workpiece directly, greatly facilitating the positioning of the tool, or assembly of the material. Laser projectors visually guide production staff through manual or semi-automatic production processes.

Laser projectors are especially accurate due to a fast and stable projection with high repetition rate, so that visual flickering is reduced. Z-LASER laser projectors are optimized for 2D and 3D applications and offer extremely accurate projection in the millimeter range. The optical angles (80 ° x 80 °) allow the coverage of large work areas.

Z-LASER laser projectors can be combined into multi-projection systems. As a result, large and very complex projections are possible (eg, shipbuilding, wind vane construction for wind turbines, u.v.m.)


    • Time and material savings due to optimized workflow
    • Higher manufacturing accuracy and quality
    • Immediate visual quality control
    • Increased production capacity

Visually inspect welds with laser projector support

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