The combination of laser illumination and machine vision offers fascinating possibilities for the automation of optical quality control. Machine vision lasers are used to produce structured lighting in a variety of machine vision systems. With this form of illumination, the spatial contours of moving objects can be quickly and easily captured. These top tier lasers are used to detect defects, presence, diameter, edges, gaps, and more–and to subsequently measure and align your work. Depending on the type of object being inspected, for example, line lasers with micro or macro lines, or various patterns such as multilines, dot grids, crosses, circles, etc., wavelengths (red, green, blue, IR) are generally used.

The new ZX lasers are also ideal for use in sensors.

Features of our laser modules:

  • Blue, red, and infrared (IR) wavelengths available
  • Optical output power up to 6,000 mW IR
  • Gaussian uniform lines, point projections, and various diffractive optical elements (DOE)
  • Focus options
  • Protection classes up to IP67 (sealed against water and dust)
  • LED function indicator
  • 5 to 30V DC with reverse polarity protection
  • Overvoltage protection

We have machine vision lasers for every application!

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