Laser projectors and PLC

Efficient and economical integration of laser projectors into your system and plant infrastructure.

PLC: Standard for Industry 4.0

Especially in industries with a high degree of automation, such as the automotive industry, PLCs (programmable logic controllers) have become indispensable. Digitally programmable, they take on complex control tasks in networked production processes of Industry 4.0. The advantages of PLCs over relay logics include, above all, easier adaptations, significant time savings and the possibility of remote maintenance or remote diagnostics.

PLC in laser projectors from Z-LASER

Software instead of hardware

Unlike other PLC implementations, the Z-LASER PLC module is
integrated directly into the projector‘s software. This makes
it particularly easy to integrate laser projectors such as the
ZLP1 with integrated PC board and the PLC software module
into production processes. Costs and space requirements for
additional hardware can thus be completely avoided.

From Automotive to Renewables

Laser projectors with the PLC software module are used, among others, in the automotive industry and logistics as well as in the production of rotor blades for wind turbines. Not only these industries appreciate the possibility to select preconfigured projections directly by the PLC, to change entire configurations or to exchange status and error messages.

Features and benefits

• Easy integration into your production process:
No additional hardware required

• Compatible with Siemens S7 300 to 1500:
Further controllers are planned

• Cost-optimized solution through direct use of the Ethernet interface (TCP-IP): More efficiency in the process

• Everything is possible from a single projector to a projector network: More flexibility in production planning

Laser projectors with PLC
interface from Z-LASER

Particularly economical

Highly flexible

Easy to integrate

“The new PLC interface not only increases the application possibilities of our laser projectors. Since it works completely without additional hardware, it is also particularly economical and highly efficient to integrate into corresponding system landscapes.”

– Philipp Waibel
Product Manager Laser Projectors | Z-LASER

ZLP Laser Family

The powerful laser projectors for optical positioning systems

The laser projectors of the ZLP series were developed to meet the different requirements in the field of optical positioning systems in the best possible way. Especially applications in the construction industry, the logistics sector and vehicle construction rely on and benefit from the qualities of the ZLP laser projectors.

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