large & precise cross projection

This robust laser module for positioning tasks can be used in all industries where a highly visible crosshair with thin lines is needed.

Main fields of application include:

  • Aligning fabric on spreading tables
  • CNC milling (eg., in the wood industry)

The laser module contains two laser diodes of up to 20 mW each. This allows a particularly for visible crosshair to be projected. At the same time, the lines are extremely fine. Thus, the laser attains a cross projection of up to 5m x 5m at a distance of 4m. The integrated power supply guarantees high immunity to interference.

The ZRX red cross laser projects a red or green cross of up to 5 m x 5 m at a distance of 4 m. This is made possible by two powerful diode lasers in the casing which ensure a high brightness level.

The integrated power supply, together with the robust casing allow for easy handling of the positioning aid with high immunity to interference. The cross laser ZRX can be used even in very harsh environments.