Small size, great performance

Due to automated production processes in which all optical components are aligned with a 14-axis robot, the ZXS laser series sets new standards for illumination in image processing applications.

The ZX laser series offers maximum variability and enables far-reaching, customer-specific adjustments. Depending on the application and the material being tested, you can choose between red or infrared wavelengths. With a boresight error of less than 0.8 mrad, the ZX laser is one of the most accurate on the market.

With its industrial grade design and high performance stability, the ZX is the ideal component for machine vision applications, sensors, and machine manufacturers.

Laser module with just a 10 mm diameter, boresight error of less than 0.8 mrad, 1-100 mW, colors red, IR, stainless steel casing, OEM version also available.