BFU uses two LP-HFD2 laser projectors with a green laser source from the manufacturer Z-LASER GmbH to project the positions of shuttering parts, built-in parts or lattice girders with high precision onto the surface of the formwork panels of the butterfly formwork. The lasers are mounted in the hall at a height of 10 m above the surface of the formwork panels. In order to be able to project a thin, easily recognisable line onto the surface from this height, the projectors are additionally equipped with tele-optics. The laser projectors are integrated into the computer-controlled processes of work stations one and two via special software.

From the CAD/CAM data, which are created at BFU from the planning software of Precast Software Engineering, the data required for the laser projection are selected project- related and manually by the system operator at the Wig- Fig. 9a+b: A lifting beam is connected to the hinge of the butterfly formwork. Detailed view: When the butterfly formwork is lifted off the workstat on, the arms of a special device gently guide the two formwork panels together; when the butterfly formwork is lowered onto the workstation, the two arms of the device guide the formwork panels apart. gert control panel and loaded into the so-called LPM software of Z-LASER.

High-power laser with thermal


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