The ZKV projects a red or green circle onto any work surface. The diameter of the circle is infinitely variable by joystick of the connected cable remote control unit (between 15° and 70° opening angle; this results in circles of 27cm to 140cm diameter at a working distance of 1m, for example).

The circle laser makes it much easier to position round objects correctly. The circular projection replaces templates with different diameters.

The ZKV has proven to be the perfect solution for the construction of large cable drums or wooden barrel bottoms: The projected circle shows the outer contour of the round workpiece; the individual wooden strips can thus be folded together easily and accurately. This saves you material and time!


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Meanwhile we offer the red circular laser with 15mW output power instead of “only” 5mW in the past. This gives you a much better visibility, which is only surpassed by the green model.

ZKV – Main features

  • circle projection in red (635nm) or green (515nm)
  • Freely adjustable circle diameter 15° to 70°, by joystick
  • Tapped holes for easy mounting above work surface
  • IP65: dustproof, water jet protected
  • Dimensions: Ø 150 x 345mm
  • Operating voltage: 230VAC, 50Hz

Further information on the ZKV can be found here.

You have questions about the ZKV? Our Sales Manager Stefan Frei will be happy to answer them at any time.