Tiltable laser mount for 20 mm laser

Aluminum mount for laser modules with a 20 mm laser head. The mount can be tilted 60 °.
The block-shaped aluminum casing ensures optimal heat transfer.
Available for Ø 40mm, Ø 20mm or M12-thread, with a slot for fixing.
The smaller mount, H2-20, can also be adapted to other laser diameters by means of adaptors, resulting in the following combinations:

H2 + Adapter Ø
H2-40 Ø40mm
H2-20 Ø20mm
H2-M12 M12
H2-20 + APM18     M18
H2-20 + AP14     Ø14mm
H2-20 + APM12     M12
H2-20 + AP11     Ø11mm