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Welcome to Z-LASER. Since 1985, we have been known as a qualified manufacturer of laser systems and laser projectors in a variety of industries. Our laser systems are planned, developed, and manufactured in Germany. This is how we make sure our products are consistently top tier.

We rely on tailor-made line lasers, laser systems, and laser sources of the finest quality. Our powerful line lasers and projectors produce reliable line straightness with precise, fine line drawing. Even out-of-the-ordinary laser beam wavelengths do not represent a problem for us. Top quality and easy to use–that is our principle.

Here on our site, you will find further information about our laser systems and laser projectors, such as data sheets, technical drawings, or STEP data.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team of advisors or support staff.

Our Laser Systems and Projectors

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Industry Solutions

Lasers for the Automotive Industry

In the construction of commercial vehicles and passenger cars, laser projectors are used to position mounting elements such as brackets, braces, and electrical wiring.

Lasers for Machine Vision and Automation

Machine Vision Lasers are used for structured lighting in many Machine Vision systems.

Lasers in the Steel and Metal Industries

Laser Projectors in the metalworking industry are a practical tool for making workflow faster and more efficient.

Lasers in the Stone and Concrete Industries

In the stone industry, lasers are used to display cutting lines. In the concrete industry, laser projectors display large-area laser projections for the accurate alignment of precast concrete parts.

Lasers in the Textile Industry

For sewing and embroidery applications, as well as cutting and printing processes, laser markings are very useful as positioning aids. They simplify workflow and accelerate the entire manufacturing process.

Lasers in the Wood Industry

In the wood industry, laser light is ideal for applications where a saw line must be displayed for the alignment of work materials–when sawing tree trunks, for example.

Lasers in the Composite Industry

All production processes in which fiber composite materials are processed use 2D and 3D laser projections.

Lasers for Logistics and Assembly

Laser projectors are a great help for taking various articles from a particular container and placing them in the correct order and quantity for making up a package.

Lasers in the Medical Industry

For special applications in the medical sector, Z-LASER primarily develops customer-specific lasers, which are offered as OEM components.

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