Production of precast concrete parts with Z-LASER: Rely on efficiency and precision.

Find out how you can optimize precision and speed in your production with our laser projectors.

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Z-LASER: Your partner for highly efficient precast concrete production

The use of Z-LASER laser projectors in the production of precast concrete elements redefines the standards for precision and efficiency. Our technologies enable the exact representation of mold and reinforcement elements directly on the work surface, ensuring fast and correct production.


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Your challenge:

Ensuring precise and efficient production

The manufacture of precast concrete parts presents producers with various challenges that directly affect quality, safety and efficiency.

Positioning of formwork and installation elements
Incorrect positioning of formwork elements can lead to loss of time and quality defects in production.

Set-up times
Long set-up times slow down the production process considerably and impair the overall efficiency of companies.

Process reliability
Imprecise workmanship and human error reduce the reliability and consistency of production processes.

Our solution:

Laser precision for your precast concrete production

In the concrete industry, precision and efficiency are crucial for success. With our innovative solutions, we bring laser power to your production and thus optimize the manufacturing process.

Precise display of shuttering and installation elements
Avoid incorrect positioning and increase the accuracy of your production.

Reduction in set-up time
Speed up the production process with quick and clear instructions directly on the work surface.

Increasing process reliability
Increase the reliability of your production processes by using precise and clear laser guidance for your employees.

Your 5 key benefits with laser projectors from Z-LASER

High-precision projection

Ensure that all elements are positioned precisely.

Efficient production

Speed up the production process without compromising on quality.

Robust performance

Z-LASER laser projectors are particularly robust and designed for reliable use in harsh industrial environments.

Easy maintenance

You can maintain and repair our lasers yourself with a downtime of less than 1 hour.

Adaptable solutions

Whether for stationary tables or circulation systems, we offer the right solution.

In action:

How Z-LASER solutions impress in application

Z-LASER laser projectors improve the precision and efficiency of manufacturing processes. These systems enhance continuous and stationary production workflows and enable the creation of complex shapes with minimal error, significantly accelerating production timelines and improving output quality across various applications.

Guide: Everything you need to know about laser projectors for the production of precast concrete elements

All applications and the right solutions – always to hand: in the compact guide “Laser solutions for the production of precast concrete parts”. Download now free of charge and without obligation.

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