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Material and time savings thanks to laser projectors from Z-LASER

Industrial laser projectors serve as optical guidance systems. In many manufacturing processes, they allow working without templates by indicating directly on the workpiece how tools have to be positioned or material has to be mounted.
This can be the case, for example, in welding and assembly or in so-called light guide systems. In this way, laser projectors guide employees step-by-step through the assembly process.

The laser projectors from Z-LASER are particularly convincing due to their fast and stable projection with a high repetition rate, so that visual flickering is reduced or at best prevented. The Z-LASER laser projectors are optimized for 2D and 3D applications and offer a highly accurate projection in the sub-millimeter range. The optical angles (80° x 80°) allow the coverage of large working areas.

Z-LASER laser projectors can be combined into multi-projection systems. This enables large and very complex projections (e.g. shipbuilding, wind turbine blades for wind turbines, etc.)

Your advantages:

  • Material and time savings through optimized workflow
  • Higher accuracy and quality in production
  • Immediate visual quality control
  • Increase in production capacity
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Interesting and application examples for laser projectors

Laser projectors usually bring people and computers together. When used in worker guidance or in worker assistance systems, for example, the Z-LASER laser projector shows the worker in a flash where a screw has to be placed, where he has to remove suitable material or where a welding seam has to be placed. Thanks to optical work instructions, workers are guided through the production process in a targeted and effective manner; production processes can be optimized and made as economical as possible.

Examples of applications can be found here:

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Laser projectors ensure higher efficiency and quality in production

By means of selectable markings, such as geometric figures, letters, numbers or text, the employee is immediately shown where the next work step must take place (e.g. pick-by-light or put-to-light). Numerous information such as location, quantity, article number and name of the articles to be stored can also be specified and displayed by laser light. The exact position data is transmitted via the control software or a decentralised PLC control system. Since the optical signal guidance in tray warehouses – it is usually based on a geometric figure (tray geometry) – is free konfigurierbar, it can be easily modified and redesigned by the user. All laser projectors from Z-LASER were specially manufactured for industrial use and meet the highest demands at attractive prices.