Innovative laser solutions for the inspection and control of traffic routes.

Increase efficiency and safety when maintaining rails, roads, tunnels or pantographs

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Z-LASER: Your partner for efficient infrastructure testing

The use of Z-LASER solutions for image processing sets new standards in the precise monitoring and diagnosis of infrastructure elements such as tracks, rails, and road surfaces. This innovative methodology enables high-resolution detection and analysis of surface structures that are inaccessible to conventional inspection systems. This allows condition assessments to be carried out with unrivalled accuracy, enabling early intervention and targeted maintenance measures.


Your challenge:

Enabling safe mobility

Those responsible for inspecting rail and road networks are faced with several tasks to ensure the safety, efficiency and longevity of these critical infrastructures:

Condition assessment and evaluation
Accurate assessment of the condition of rail and road infrastructure requires reliable identification of cracks, wear and other damage, even in areas that are difficult to access and with minimal disruption to traffic.

Budget restrictions and resource allocation
Budget constraints are ubiquitous in the industry. Allocating limited financial resources requires prioritisation and strategic decision making to ensure that the most urgent and critical issues are addressed first.

Preventive maintenance
Another complex task is the development of preventive maintenance strategies in order to recognise risks at an early stage through targeted measures and avoid breakdowns and costly emergency repairs.

Environmental and weather influences
External conditions such as weather changes and environmental factors can complicate the inspection processes and impair the quality of the recorded data.

Integration into existing systems
The integration of new technologies into existing maintenance and monitoring systems often poses a challenge due to inadequate interfaces, which reduces the efficiency of inspection routines.

Our solution:

Laser precision for safe traffic routes

Z-LASER’s innovative lasers for image processing optimise the condition detection and assessment of infrastructure elements: they enable accurate identification of damage and efficient resource allocation, making maintenance work more precise and cost-effective. The systems can be easily integrated into existing processes and reduce maintenance-related traffic disruptions.

Condition assessment and evaluation
With lasers for image processing from Z-LASER, you can accurately identify even the finest cracks, wear and other defects, largely independent of weather conditions. In addition, the fast and non-contact scanning process minimises disruption to traffic.

Budget restrictions and resource allocation
Accurate and efficient inspection with Z-LASER solutions enables targeted deployment planning of available resources. By identifying the most critical areas that require immediate attention, these systems help to utilise limited financial resources more effectively and avoid unnecessary maintenance work that could be caused by inaccurate data.

Preventive maintenance
By detecting signs of wear and potential damage at an early stage using lasers, maintenance teams can take proactive action before major repairs are required. This helps to prevent costly emergency repairs and downtime.

Environmental and weather influences
Z-LASER solutions are robust and can be used precisely even under adverse environmental conditions. This means that more inspections can be carried out largely independently of external factors.

Integration into existing systems
Z-LASER’s vision solutions are designed to be easily integrated into existing maintenance and monitoring systems. They offer flexible interfaces, enabling smooth integration into existing inspection routines and improving the overall efficiency of infrastructure monitoring.

Your 3 key advantages with lasers for machine vision from Z-LASER

Laser fish processing

High-precision measurement

Recognise problems before they lead to safety risks or expensive repairs.

Robust performance

Reliable in use, even when the going gets tough.

Simple integration

Ideal component for existing monitoring and maintenance systems.

In action:

how laser solutions convince in application

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