Z-LASER is a German manufacturer of laser sources for innovative customer applications. Over the past 30 years we have successfully established ourselves in the following areas:

  • Lasers as positioning aids (for industry and crafts)
  • Lasers for machine vision
  • Laser projectors as positioning aids (in industry and crafts)
  • Custom Lasers (OEM Laser Solutions)

Since its founding in 1985, our in-house laser technology has been continually developed and updated. As a result, the company quickly became the market leader in many of the classic industries that use positioning lasers as an alignment aid. These industries include:

  • The wood industry
  • The stone industry
  • The metal industry
  • The textile industry
  • The automotive industry
  • The tire industry

Today, the company also plays an important role within many new and innovative industries where sophisticated laser technologies and designs are required.
Our intelligent systems–made up of mechanics, electronics, and optics–allows for thorough coverage of all customer requirements and truly sets us apart from competitors. Numerous patents and utility models have been registered successfully in recent years.