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Lasers and their optimal use are comprehensive and demanding topics. That is why we are happy to support you in finding the optimal laser for your application and task.
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Handling lasers

The handling of lasers involves some dangers that should be taken into account.
We have compiled the most important topics for you:

Definition of laser classes

We manufacture all our lasers according to international standards and declare our products in corresponding laser classes…

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Laser Safety

Here you will find general information on safety when handling lasers.

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Accident prevention regulations

General accident prevention regulations when handling lasers can minimize the dangers. Find out more here.

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Feasibility Study

Laser products in our portfolio are available to countless industries in proven and standardized form.

These standard laser products can be customized and made-to-measure for individual customers with little effort.

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RMA (Return Material Authorization)

Thanks to the high reliability and robustness of our products, it is very rare for customers to send their products to us for repair.

However, to ensure that even in such cases the processing is as fast as possible, we have developed a simple procedure.

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