ZLP Laser Family

The powerful laser projectors for optical positioning systems

The laser projectors of the ZLP series were developed to meet the different requirements in the field of optical positioning systems in the best possible way. Especially applications in the construction industry, the logistics sector and vehicle construction rely on and benefit from the qualities of the ZLP laser projectors.

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ZLP laser projectors – flexible and precise

The ZLP family currently consists of 2 models: the compact and low-cost ZLP1 for applications with lower accuracy and projection distances up to 3m and the larger ZLP2 with higher accuracy and for larger projection distances. The ZLP2 is available with red and/or green laser source. The fibre-coupled laser sources have set new standards in beam quality.

With a projection accuracy of up to 0.1mm / m working distance, the laser projectors are predestined for the most precise tasks and applications. This is one of the reasons why a large number of companies from the automotive and composite industry have been successfully using ZLP laser projectors for years.

The ZLP family offers the perfect solution when it comes to industrial applications for optical positioning systems.

The ZLP series was developed for the tough everyday industrial environment

As is typical for Z-LASER, the operating environment of the laser projectors was always taken into account during their development. A robust housing, which protects against the hard daily work, is a matter of course. With an IP protection class of up to IP65, even the finest dust and moisture cannot harm the laser projectors.

Reliability and longevity are thus guaranteed even in demanding applications in the construction industry. The ZLP laser projectors are therefore ideally suited for timber and concrete construction and are well equipped for tough workshop use.

Examples of use

Easy control of laser projectors via GUI or SDK

When controlling the laser projectors, too, great importance was attached to simple and as direct a communication as possible between the laser projector and its surroundings. With the Z-LASER software package ZLP Suite, the ZLP projectors can be operated very easily and used directly via the GUI (Graphical User Interface). The integrated programming interface (API) supports a fast connection to existing customer applications. In order to simplify the integration of the ZLP projectors into customer’s own software, SDKs in the programming languages C++, C# and Python are provided free of charge.
In addition, the ZLP suite enables direct use of the projector in worker guidance, e.g. for manual workstations, thus providing visual support for complex assembly tasks.

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