At Z-LASER we work closely with our OEM clients to clearly understand and address each technical requirement and specification. Our goal is to provide you with an OEM laser solution that helps you achieve your business objectives.

Z-Laser has an extensive portfolio of flexible, customizable laser modules and laser projectors. After all, special requirements deserve special solutions. Z-Laser is the best choice for the development of your unique laser solution. Finally, acquire the specific product that makes your application fully possible or reduces the overall cost to your system. Our service is unique and we offer you a decisive competitive advantage.

Throughout the development of your solution, the focus is on you and your needs. With you, our experienced consultants develop the precise requirements needed with regards to wavelength, optics, power, voltage supply, EMC stability, temperature resistance, design, dust and moisture protection, long-term availability, quality standards (e.g. in medical technology), cost, and any other aspects which are relevant to you and your business.

In the shortest possible time, our experienced engineers will develop one or more OEM laser solution concepts and implement the prototypes. This means you can count on the delivery of the first series of products in just a few weeks.

Provide us with the most precise specifications for your application and benefit from our company’s 30+ years of experience and our top-tier team of experts in consulting, development and production.

The result will be impressive, to say the least, and very much to your advantage as well as to the benefit of your customers.


We will find a solution for your specific application!

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