Freiburg, 20.03.2019

Z-LASER GmbH, a company with global operations, doesn’t think much of stagnation and resting on its laurels and presents another product innovation at the beginning of 2019: the ZM18-lhi90a. The acronym “lhi” stands for “line high intensity” and means that this new type of laser projects homogeneous, highly visible long lines.

Projection lasers optimize man-machine interaction through visual aids. After all, it’s not economically or functionally feasible to automate all industrial production steps, which means that some have to remain manual. A laser can help to increase the precision, reliability and speed of work, rapidly lowering wage and material costs.

Stefan Frei, Head of Sales for positioning lasers, explains the motivation behind developing a new laser: “Many of our customers have little space above their machine to mount the positioning laser at the required height. Examples include all kinds of saws with pressure beams for fixing the material, such as rip-cut circular saws, panel-sizing saws in the timber sector or sheet metal cutters and press brakes in metal manufacturing. These lasers also provide enormous advantages over conventional line lasers for bridge saws in the stone industry and cloth-cutting tables.”

What’s innovative about the ZM18-lhi90a laser is its clever optics concept, which enables the laser to be fitted at an angle while still generating a homogeneous, highly visible line. Thanks to this optics innovation, a long, clear laser line can be projected even at a low installation height.

Four models of the ZM18-lhi90a are available as standard: two red and two green line lasers, with free or fixed focus. So if you are looking for a top product that ensures long and, above all, homogeneous lines and is effective even at very low installation heights, this is the line laser for you. The new ZM18-lhi90a is performance-optimized, enabling it to be marketed as an eye-safe class 2M laser. The IP67 protection class guarantees it to be a waterproof, dustproof and highly robust product.

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Z-LASER GmbH is a leading German manufacturer of laser sources in the fields of lasers and laser projectors as positioning aids, lasers for image processing and customized laser solutions (OEM). All over the world, businesses in the wood, stone, metal, textile and automotive industries place their trust in products from our long-established company. With 100 employees at our site in Freiburg and 60 partners worldwide, we are able to permanently drive continuous development and innovation as well as international penetration. Z-LASER GmbH was founded in Freiburg in 1985 and holds numerous patents and registered designs in the laser field.

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