In the wood industry, laser light is ideal for applications where, for example, working materials must be aligned with saw lines, milling threads or drilling points. Laser projections also provide quicker and more accurate results, even with glue binders and nail binders.

In these applications, laser projectors display complex design files as laser images in their original scale. These can be workpiece contours, or the positioning of vacuum suction cups onto fully automatic machines. For large working surfaces, several laser projectors are used at once. Speak to our knowledgeable sales team about your application, we have the right lasers for the wood industry.


Laser projectors are used to display the block size on the gluing table in its original scale. In this way the selection of suitable raw material is supported. The correct positional display of material and vacuum suction cups prevents milling cutter-incurred damage during processing.

The data required for the projection comes from CAD files, or directly from the control for many machine types.

Cutting saws are also used for cutting staircases. With the aid of special software, the laser displays the optimal cutting edge–step-by-step.

Special Uses:

  • Reliable and distortion-free display of the processing tool’s simulated position
  • Precise representation of cutting edges and mounting positions
  • Resistant to dust
  • Strict adherence to laser class standards


  • Accurate and accelerated alignment of prefabricated parts
  • Faster selection of the appropriate raw material, e.g. with respect to filtering out branch holes
  • Protection of tools

Laser projectors form the shape of the future truss or framework. The tension struts are positioned in the glue bed. The quantity of lamellar material can be precisely determined this way.

For further processing of the finished binder on a CNC system, the contour of the binder is projected and then moved to its new position, which is then transmitted to the machine’s control.


  • Accelerated calibration of the CNC system to actual component positioning
  • Reduction of set-up time
  • Contour displays of finished binders make it easy to verify the completeness of the wood
  • Easy alignment of stanchion clamps with bent binders

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The laser projector creates a laser image from the nail binder design files in the original scale and maps this to the work surface. It projects the precise positions of the pressing blocks, the nail plates, and the wooden planks.

Special Uses:

  • Easy projector installation on the construction site
  • Impact and dust resistant
  • Strict observance of laser class standards for the protection of craftsmen


  • Faster execution
  • Higher accuracy and less error

Lasers for Bevel Saws, Trimming / Multi-blade Saws, Format Circular Saws, Crosscut Saws

A line laser module marks the cutting edge of the saw blade onto the material. The laser line serves as a positioning or alignment aid for all materials – from the trunk to the strip. Particularly useful is the laser display of numerous dividing lines for multi-plate saws.

Special Uses:

  • Resistant to vibrations, shock, and dust
  • Durable
  • Compliance with laser classes


  • Reduction of work preparation time
  • Greater accuracy
  • Fewer mistakes
  • Material-savings

A laser beam can indicate the extension of the drilling axis for drilling machines, clearly marking the position of a borehole. Materials can be aligned quickly and easily.

Special Uses:

  • Vibration, shock and dust resistant
  • Durable
  • Compliance with laser classes


  • Reduction of preparatory work steps
  • Faster and more accurate
  • Fewer mistakes

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