In concrete sector large areas, laser projections are used for the accurate alignment of precast concrete parts or as a replacement for stencils. In the case of very large work surfaces, double or multiple installations of laser projectors are used. Speak to our knowledgeable sales team about your application, we have the right laser projectors for the concrete industry.


The setting of single-shell elements for concrete steps requires an elaborate calculation of lengths and angles. With our laser projectors, the time required for this process can be reduced by 50 to 70%, since calibration is no longer required. The laser projector marks the starting line and the side edges of the step onto the formwork to be cast.

Special Uses:

  • Easily formulate the projection with geometric calculations
  • Quickly set up the laser projector on the construction site
  • Strong visibility of laser projection in large work areas
  • Reliable compliance with laser class standards to avoid the need for additional protective measures for craftsmen.


  • Less preparatory work needed
  • Considerable acceleration of formwork setting
  • Higher precision

A large projection area is required in the production of ready-made concrete walls and ceilings. Double or multiple installations of laser projectors are used, and specialized software helps integrate them into the computer-controlled circulation system for better workflow. In addition, the system can be controlled manually at any time via a remote control.

All components can be placed easily and precisely. They are specially designed to avert the possibility of incorrect setting of shell elements, recesses, or reinforcement parts. Laser projecting significantly improves and accelerates every step in prefabricated concrete production, from pre-processing, to pallets, to quality control.

A specially adapted graphical user interface for the LPM software facilitates control of these projectors. The lasers can project certain functions directly onto the pallet and the system can be controlled via a helpful laser menu.

The operation process can also be optimized with cable-bound or wireless remote controls.

Special Uses:

  • Projection onto large workspaces
  • Strong visibility of the laser on the formwork pallet
  • Easy connection to the master computer


  • Reduction of work preparation time
  • Fast and precise quality control
  • Fast and accurate indication of recesses and formwork elements
  • Cost reduction by error prevention

Recommended Laser Systems

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