The ZM18 product family is used in image processing systems for lighting or as a positioning laser in industry. In particular, functions like the easy-focus feature on the optical head, modulation, and the storage of operating parameters such as temperature or operating hours are all useful features of this laser.

These laser modules are used to project points, Gaussian/homogeneous lines, multilines, dot matrices, and crosses in image processing.

The ZM18 family is a long-proven product line that is useful as a positioning aid in image processing applications. With a Ø 20mm laser head and an M18 thread, they are easy to attach and can be used in a variety of ways.

The ZM18B positioning laser is available in red or infrared wavelengths, offers simple focusing mechanics, and powers up to 160mW with full water and dust protection.

Weight 102 g
Dimensions 138 × 20 mm

20 mm

Output power

1 mW, 10 mW, 120 mW, 15 mW, 160 mW, 20 mW, 200 mW, 30 mW, 40 mW, 5 mW, 60 mW, 80 mW


520 nm, 640 nm, 660 nm, 785 nm, 808 nm, 830 nm

Beam angle

10°, 15°, 20°, 3°, 30°, 45°, 5°, 60°, 75°, 90°


0,5 mrad


Circle, Cross, DOE, Line, Point


fixed focus, manual focus


Alignment, Machine Vision, OEM, Positioning


Diode laser

Supply voltage

5 VDC – 30 VDC

IP protection class

IP 67

Laser class

1, 1M, 2, 2M

The mentioned laser classes are reference points and can change on diode, output power, wavelength and beam angle variations.
ZM18 Datasheet (.PDF)
ZM18 Software (.PDF)
ZM18 STEP data file (.ZIP)

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