High performance and visibility with certified eye safety

The Z-LASER ZQ1-MagicLine has been specially developed for applications that require high visibility and reliable eye safety. With an impressive optical power of 600 mW in laser class 2M, this positioning laser sets new standards in terms of power, visibility and safety.
Its wavelength of 520 nm (green laser line) maximises visibility for the human eye. This makes the Z-LASER ZQ1-MagicLine the ideal tool for a wide range of industrial applications, from precise alignment in metalworking to exact positioning in logistics. The aperture angle of 70° and the option of focussing the line width individually offer additional flexibility and adaptability to specific requirements.

Simple integration into production environments is ensured by a wide range of connection options, such as direct connection via a 5-pin M12 connection (via 12-24VDC) or via an external power supply unit (WSP, 110-230VAC). This flexibility is complemented by the robust design of the Z-LASER ZQ1-MagicLine, which is IP67-certified and therefore reliably protected against dust and water. This guarantees problem-free handling even under the most demanding conditions.

With its combination of high performance, excellent visibility, proven safety and IP67 certification, the Z-LASER ZQ1-MagicLine is the perfect solution for industrial processes with high requirements.

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