Extension of production facilities.

Z-LASER awarded with “Industry Award 2017 Best of”.

Presentation of the new laser projector LP-HFD2 as the successor of the laser projector LP-HFD.

Optimization of the international sales office and partner network.

New managing director

From January 2015 Dipl.-Ing. Rüdiger Ruh as managing director / COO the company.

Presentation of new products

  • Presentation of the fiber-coupled laser ZFSM / ZFMM – today Z-FIBER
  • Presentation of the camera- and laser-based measuring system Z3D-Control.

Changeover of production processes

All internal production processes have been adapted to the latest international standards.

Establishment of new product range

Presentation of the ZQ product range.

Installation of the solar park

In the middle of the year, Z-LASER‘s own solar park was established. From now on, Z-LASER generates a considerable part of the energy requirement via the in-house solar system.

Opening branch USA / Canada

Foundation of Z-LASER America Inc. (Montreal).

Opening branch Italy

Foundation of Z-LASER Italia Srl. (Milan).

Moving to new company building

… into Merzhauser Straße 134. The location here offers room for growth and, thanks to the direct connection to public transport, makes it very easy for employees to get there. There is also a large car park for visitors and staff.

Submission of new patents

Development of the speed-dependent power control of laser projectors, new optics, mechanical and electronic designs.


Integration of the company Lasertechnik Deutschland GmbH in Z-LASER

Z-LASER is well-established on the market with individual laser systems. Z-LASER is the market leading laser manufacturer for the clothing industry, tyre manufacturing, the concrete and prefabricated housing industry and medical technology. The demand extends across industries. The company strikes out in a new direction.

Development of the first 2D laser projector with 532 nm

Participation in different fairs

… here German Pavilion New Delhi (India)

Development of the first DPSS laser

Presentation of the ZP laser

“The Champion”, the first refrigerated industrial line laser

Participation in different fairs

..here Bangalore (India)

Development and patenting of laser leveling systems

3D-Measurement System Vision 2000

Development of the 3D-Measurement System Vision 2000 and presentation of the first diode lasers.

Presentation of the first laser projection system for CNC machineries

…at the Wood fair (expo) LIGNA, Hanover, Germany.

Qualified industrial engineer, Kurt-Michael Zimmermann, establishes the company Z-LASER in Freiburg i. Br. Initially the company specialises in innovative development of laser systems as positioning aids.