ZLP Suite

Control laser projectors quickly and easily – via GUI or SDK

Also for the control of the laser projectors, importance was attached to a simple and as direct as possible communication between laser projector and environment. With the Z-LASER software package ZLP Suite, the ZLP projectors can be easily operated and directly used via the GUI (Graphical User Interface). The integrated programming interface (API) supports a fast connection to existing customer applications.



The visual interface (GUI) for controlling the laser projectors without programming knowledge

The ZLP-Manager with its Graphical User Interface (GUI) offers a quick and easy introduction to the effective control of laser projectors. All functions of the ZLP service can be conveniently accessed and controlled via the ZLP-Manager. In a few steps it is possible to adapt the user interface of the ZLP-Manager to different user groups. Different users (with different rights) can thus use an interface tailored to their needs. This not only simplifies operation, but also eliminates a large number of potential operating errors.

In live mode, contours, symbols and texts can be easily created and projected with the projection editor. Export to various formats is also possible. This allows for quick integration into different processes without the need for additional CAD data.

Graphical user interface

Full range of functions without programming knowledge

User administration

Different rights for user groups (e.g. administrator, user, …)

GUI Extension

The graphical interface can be extended by scripts


Extensive import and export of various formats directly from the software


Live projection editor for contours, symbols and texts

Selection Clipping

Projection control via remote control for specific areas


Visual work instructions for work processes


Adaptable system configuration for backup and exchange

“Thanks to the comprehensive API, our laser projectors can be integrated quickly and reliably into our customers’ existing software environment”.



Direct integration into your existing software environment

The ZLP service can be controlled directly via the extensive programming interface (API). This allows a fast and reliable integration into an already existing production network. Of course, you can adapt the interfaces in your preferred programming language (e.g. Python, C++, C#, …).

Modular Software
The modular software concept allows direct control of the laser projectors by the ZLP service. Our software was developed platform independent. It runs under Windows 10 as well as under Linux (Debian 8, Raspian 8). Thus it runs on a separate PC or the supplied ZLP box.

Familiar language

Program in your preferred language, (e.g. Python, C++, C#,…)

Full API range

The API range is on a par with our ZLP Manager

Working independently

The API is independent of our ZLP Manager

Perfect integration

Extensive API for integration into the existing software environment

Modular concept

The ZLP service runs either on a separate PC or directly on the ZLP box

System independent

Work on your favourite system – Windows 10 or Linux (Debian 8, Raspbian 8)

ZLP Laser Family

The powerful laser projectors for optical positioning systems

The laser projectors of the ZLP series were developed to meet the different requirements in the field of optical positioning systems in the best possible way. Especially applications in the construction industry, the logistics sector and vehicle construction rely on and benefit from the qualities of the ZLP laser projectors.

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