Weight reduction plays a very important role in vehicle construction. To achieve this, composite materials such as fiberglass or carbon fiber are increasingly used for the purpose of creating vehicle components. Initially, these materials were used only in the interior of the vehicle, e.g. sight carbon for a sporty quality. In the case of electric vehicles, there is a trend reversal in which load-bearing parts, such as vehicle frames, are made of carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic.

Laser projectors also support the manual laying process of CFK layers and display surfaces to be cleaned.

Special Uses:

  • Precise display of target positions for CFK layers on large work surfaces
  • High IP protection class against dust
  • Strong visibility of laser projections and compliance with protective laser class standards


  • Display of cleaning surfaces directly on the workpiece
  • High reliability of the process
  • Maximum flexibility with any needed changes
  • New surfaces can be easily introduced and learned

Recommended Product: LP-HFD2