The demand for our lasers from the ZM12 series has decreased significantly over the years, down to very few requests per year. For this reason, we will completely discontinue this product family by autumn 2023.

This marks the end of a success story of over 16,000 devices produced, which began in 2009. Back then, we launched this series on the market as a miniature version of the ZM18. However, the “little brother” didn’t really catch on 😉, even though it was popular with some machine builders due to its size and features.

However, these customers can now fall back on the “big brother”, which may entail some design effort. However, we will be happy to support you in selecting a replacement product – for example by providing 3D data in stp format to make your work easier.

The ZM18 series offers significantly more:

  • wider range of colours/wavelengths
  • Higher output power
  • Analog and digital modulation (with the S3 variant)
  • Larger selection of optics and better line performance

All that remains for us to say is: Goodbye, little one…

Lasermodul ZM18

The perfect allrounder

Lasermodul ZM18


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