The new standard for laser projections under the most demanding conditions.

The ZLP2-HighPower laser projector not only impresses with its particularly robust and high-quality workmanship. In addition to optimized software, the inner workings with a more powerful laser source, new mechanics and revised electronics also set new standards. The result: brightness, accuracy and durability of this laser projector will inspire you – not only in difficult lighting conditions or when mounted at great heights.

As an innovative tool, the ZLP2-HighPower is convincing in the concrete industry, the aerospace industry, and the production of rotor blades for wind turbines, among others. In all these industries, the laser projector makes daily processes easier, faster, and more precise. Be it because formwork elements and recesses are displayed more accurately or because material and tools can be aligned or positioned more precisely. As a result, productivity increases of up to 30% are possible by using the ZLP2-HighPower.

The ZLP2-HighPower can be controlled by the intuitive ZLP-Suite software with graphical user interface. Likewise, the ZLP2-HighPower can be ideally embedded into existing customer applications through the integrated programming interface (API).

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